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Kemaren gw ada buat account di terus hampir 1 tahun gw pakai kondisinya baik-baik aja, terus kemaren gw lihat semua situs yang account nya bibuat di error semua sampai-sampai website masternya juga gak bisa kebuka ( red). jadi gw sempat bingung bagaimana caranya biar situs gw bisa ke backup, lalu gw biarin aja lihat 2 sampai 3 hari kalok gak bisa juga terpaksa pindah hostinga.

Tapi begitu gw tunggu 2 hari ternyata bisa kok, dan gw dapat pesan dari admin pandela lewat email gw:

Date: Wed, 14 Mar 2007 11:50:46 +0000
To: “Fadlie CeriaNet Team” <>
From: “KD” <> Add to Address Book Add Mobile Alert
Subject: – Downtime Resolved!

Dear Users,
First of all, I would like to apologize for the big downtime we have on our servers. The problem was that our data center provider, decide to move all their servers to a new location, we expected no more than few hours of downtime, but because of some unexpected

problems, it took them almost 2 days to put the servers back online.
This situation was out of our control.

The good thing is that they don’t plan to move again and the new data center has plenty of new improvements – more tier1 carries, increased cooling capacity, higher power density. Which is good for our servers and our current and future clients.
At last I would like to tell you that, paid plan upgrades will be available really soon, I know that it took us a while, but we wanted to be sure that all services are going to work properly. We have done almost 2 months of BETA testing everything and we think
that the results are very good.

Looking forward working with you,

All the BEST,
Kamen Dimitrov
Pandela, LLC CEO

Nah kira-kira begitu pesan dari Admin pandela, tapi setelah itu sampai saat ini hostingnya kembali seperti sedia kala.

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