Gambar dan Jenis Tatto yang paling Populer

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Jenis-jenis objek tatto

TATTOO berasal dari bahasa Tahiti “tatu” yang konon artinya tanda. Walaupun bukti-bukti sejarah tattoo ini tidak begitu banyak, tetapi para ahli mengambil kesimpulan bahwa seni tattoo ini udah ada sejak 12.000 tahun SM. Jaman dahulu tattoo semacam ritual bagi suku-suku kuno seperti Maori, Inca, Ainu, Polynesians, dll.Kalo kamu jalan-jalan ke Mesir, coba maen-maen ke pyramids, mungkin kamu bisa menemukan tattoo tertua di sana.

Namun sekarang banyak seni lukis tidak menggunakan kanvas namun menggunakan tubuh manusia sebagai salah satu seni lukis diatas tubuh, banyak motif yang disediakan dan inilah motiv terindah yang pernah dibuat.
Tato Panorama Alam

Tubuh mulus seorang cewek yang dijadikan kanvas sebagai media menjatuhkan tinta berbagai jenis warna dan menjadi objek dari tato adalah panorama alam.
Tatto Penghuni Alam

Bagi yang ingin dengan dunia hewan yang tentunya hewan berbisa, dapat menggunakan hewan berbisa sebagai objek tato.

Gorgeous landscapes and rushing, roiling, waves show off the power and majesty of nature. Looking at some of these tattoos makes one feel like they are on a walk through the rainforest, or faced with a secluded natural wonder.
(Images via flickriver, mogoel, 2tattoodesigns, offthemaptattoo)

Insects. Gross. Even the most ardent insect hater has to admit that their is something otherworldly about their appearance. Some tattoos try to bring out the beauty of the natural world by displaying the unique aspects of insects; others are content to use the alien aspects to terrify.

(Images via fash99, tattooconventionsnow, wantsupcandra, citattooz)

Koi tattoos are incredibly popular in Asian cultures and hold a very special cultural significance. American culture is a lot less sedate, and the tattoos here reflect that, with a much heavier emphasis on fishing than the beauty of the fish themselves.

(Images via offthemaptattoo, beaunetharo, mohedota, zimbio, bird-tattoos)

One doesn’t have to be a bird lover to appreciate their beauty. With large, colorful wings, and incredible variations from species to species, it’s no wonder that birds are one of the most popular tattoo subjects.

(Images via thetattooist,, bushwarriors, kacewasli, tatoogallery)

It’s hard to deny the power that bears represent. As one of the largest and most fierce land animals (when they want to be), the bear makes for a great looking tattoo. Do not mess with anyone sporting a giant portrait of a growling bear. It can only lead to bad things.

(Images via offthemaptattoo, animal-tattoos, topoftattoo, cafernlistvi)

Wolves and lions live a world apart, but they both signify an independent spirit that is at the top of its class. These animals are considered noble by most, and powerful by all. Not a bad choice for a tattoo, then, huh?

Yang paling gw suka adalah design gambar yang sangat natural yaitu menampilkan gambar-gambar air mancur, gunung, taman bungan dan padang pasir.



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