Of Love And Time

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My life through the startled air,
Beware of the branch of the palm tree;
But like the feelings of sadness,
Overcome it with the affluence of love and time.
On my wedding night,
On your wedding night,
On his wedding night,
On her wedding night,
Like the skeletons left over after a feast;
My life is a gesture of a command.

A joyous bridegroom through the startled air,
In a pleasant land to think about my Maker;
By land or by sea i will follow Him.
Love is sunshine but hate is a shadow,
The day is restless but the night is quiet,
Man is imperious but woman is feeble,
From afar off with words from my mind to toch you;
It was for another from of life like,
The dexterity of my struggles in this world.
This vessel is always strong to move on,
Like my life through the startled air;
Though it bends me, it will always obey me.

I saw the woman,
How beautiful she was!
Wide open to the air with faces of her children.
My love is pure like a shape in the moonlight,
My heart is clean like the village clock to lead me on;
For my wants are but a few on this journey like,
The affluence of love and time to overcome.

Edward Kofi Louis

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